Asia Goldman


Asia Goldman as an Iranian leader in distribution of professional & specialized medical devices based on its years of experience and expertise has run its own high class production facility near Tehran absorbing much attention from big international players in the medical arena.


Asia Goldman is proud to share its highly valued strategic viewpoint:

Our Mission:

Facilitating healthcare for both patient and doc, Increasing patient’s life satisfaction, and reducing cost of being healthy.

Our Vision:

-To become the leader of surgery and healthcare solutions in the region.
 -To fulfill worldwide medical demands with our competitive advantage in reference to our products.

Our Core Values:

Compassion and Gratitude: Caring about human being and praising life are our main motives for the whole processes.

Honesty and Integrity: A healthy community in both Biology and Sociology is Asia Goldman’s utopia

Hard Work: Our seemingly far-fetched goals are easily achievable by perseverance and determination.

Cooperation and Collaboration: Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation (William Arthur Wood).

Professional Ethics and Responsibility: We strive to bring the health back to life of those who suffer. In this journey our ethical codes and responsibilities are seen by all of our team members as a sacred manual.  



Asia Goldman was founded in 1985 in Tehran, Iran entitled “Goldman medical products”. Based on the long-term viewpoint of the company to enter the world markets, “Goldman medical products” continued working as “Asia Goldman” from 2003. Subsequently, “Asia Goldman” expanded its domain more and entered the field of importing and distributing high quality products. Accordingly, the collections of the best products of the medical World are seen in company’s list in some specific fields such as: General and Plastic surgery, ENT, Ortho and Radio Therapy, Neurosurgery, etc.

Some big names that trusted the distribution of their state-of-the-art products to us include:


After a long and profound presence in the area of distribution, considering the potentials of Iranian medical marketplace, AsiaGoldman’s well-established network, emergence of indigenous ideas and intelligent specialists, and the necessity of propelling the country’s economy forward we established our own production facility near Tehran, Iran. Built according to the highest worldwide standards this complex has absorbed much attention from a cluster of leaders in the medical arena.

Based in a 3200 Square meters land domiciled in Shams-Abad Industrial City , including a fabric covered building with 2200 square meters this facility epitomizes a new breath into Iran’s medical equipment industry.